The Road Map

Wind, percussion, brass, stringed instruments and the bass guitar! Joe and Joanna sat motionless at the foot of the phenomenal mountain savoring the sweet melody within the tantalizing ambiance surrounding them as they waited for their guide to attend to them. Their compelling excavation had been eventful; going back on time to mount beetroot. It was such a breathtaking moment, one they wished they could behold forever.

Just then, the guide approached and served them portions of olive juice and excused himself once more. The scenery was awe-inspiring in beauty and splendor, the multitude of seekers from all corners of the world incredible. Word came through the public address system the movie would be screened shortly. Droves of people streamed in to the ancient site and took their seats in the magnificent cave-like auditorium.

The drums rumbled on as the reverence glowing from the glorious orchestra filled the air. There was a joyous, almost physically tangible presence one wanted to perpetually embrace. Joe felt a leap within his inner self as he captured a view of potato delicacies lining the auditorium entrance.

“Potatoes!” He calmly exclaimed.

“What?!” Enquired Joannah.

“Nothing! Oh! Yes! The bass guitar! It’s killing me! It’s melting my heart! Did you hear that modulation a while ago?”

“Yea right!” Mused Joannah. “How many meals must you have in one day?”


Alpha the majestic rose to the podium engulfed in a gleaming radiance amidst shouts of applause from the massive crowd. Many were pressing forth to catch a glimpse of him. He was adorned in a royal robe reaching down his feet, with a golden sash around his chest. His eyes were like blazing fire, his amazingly affable face radiating much warmth. One could not miss the inviting generous beam that characterized his expressions.

“Today, we embark on a defining journey that will change the destiny of humanity. Today marks the unveiling of the manifesto that will seal this very reality.” His stereophonic voice reverberated around the emotionally charged auditorium like the sound of rushing waters. The orchestra was still audible in a steady tempo somewhere in the background.

“Three times slick the intricate unsuccessfully attempted to thwart my mission recently. We must all understand a panic-stricken adversary will mount a sustained effort to trounce any vulnerable target. It is only natural for him. But we must nevertheless be armed so, not only to resist his warfare but to go all the way and successfully lay hold of the golden promise up for grabs to every one of you listening today.

 “Nations await with colossal expectancy for the glorious unveiling of the victorious ones. I’m sure it is the same dream shared for every one of you here today. The realization of this dream must spread forth with unquenchable gusto and in increasing measure to every corner of the universe where the human race is in existence till my glory has filled the earth.

“Among you today is the one civilizations have tried to figure out, the ruler of the universe and the matchless one,who has dumbfounded the mighty and wise; present and past alike, in his grand maneuvers. Of the increase of his retinue and dominion there shall be no end. He is ruler of the nations who is before all things and in whom all things hold together.

“You are victorious thus, for the battle has already been secured. You will match forth not in your strength but in this confidence of a victory already secured on your behalf. You will learn humility and absolute dependence on this foundation as you deny self any claim on you and empty yourself of all its contaminant forms and elements. There will be false starts, discouraging moments too. Take heart though, stay on course; you are victorious.

“You are victorious! I will greatly and experientially satisfy your deep hunger and thirst to find me. To know me. Your expectation will not be cut short, for I will surely be found by all whose sole focus is this. I will reveal myself and endow you with sight and victory.

“You are victorious! My magnanimous dealings in you will convict you to see others in my light and extend the same benevolence to them. You will learn forgiveness as you patiently gather with me, with the understanding that your heart toward others will come back to you in harvest. It’s a blank cheque and richly within you to make it happen.

“You are victorious! You shall defeat a foe who will use your fears and cares to feed your emotions with defilement to blur your vision of me and deny you of life! Remember, you must closely guard your heart for that is the entry point of life. You must keep me vividly on sight . There will be moments of doubt, stumbling and anxiety. Fret not, for the lessons of consecutive seasons will broaden your view of my greatness and securely plant you in me. You will be a healing fragrance as you unite and gather with me.

“This road map is greatly opposed friends. You will attract lots of bruises, hostilities,falsehood and all manner of ill-treatment on account of my mark upon you. Allow my healing balm upon you and stay on course to extend the same upon others. Shine the ultimate light and brilliantly so in every dark spot and proclaim freedom to all bound. Season humanity through the progressive flavor of my work upon you. Boldly march forth. Til the day is done! You are victorious!”

The auditorium went on a rapturous ovation as Alpha rose to a climax with the captivating spark of the orchestra filling the auditorium with such blissful splendor.

“That bass guitar! The hairs of my nape are on frenzy!” Remarked Joe to Joannah who was lost in paradise.

“This calls for celebration!” Continued Joe. “I will be at the entrance!”

©The Blazing Trail 2012

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  1. “You are victorious! My magnanimous dealings in you will convict you to see others in my light and extend the same benevolence to them. You will learn forgiveness as you patiently gather with me…


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