Overriding adversity

Resounding zest hope filled

Eye of faith resilientlly clicks away in rare spectacle

Timelessly spurring generations with priceless perspective

Love dazzling in sight giving signature at Naomi’s T Junction

Starring stellar of Moab in saving best for last

©The Blazing Trail 2020

The Black Diamonds Choir!

The class burst in laughter with the instructor’s assertion everyone has their version of three minutes of madness daily. He went on to explain how he would spend some of those early morning moments making faces and stretching his ears before the bathroom mirror. Continue reading “The Black Diamonds Choir!”

The Road Map

Wind, percussion, brass, stringed instruments and the bass guitar! Joe and Joanna sat motionless at the foot of the phenomenal mountain savoring the sweet melody within the tantalizing ambiance surrounding them as they waited for their guide to attend to them. Their compelling excavation had been eventful; going back on time to mount beetroot. It was such a breathtaking moment, one they wished they could behold forever.

Continue reading “The Road Map”

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