Of goodbye

Trickled at monumental crossroads

Blend of heartfelt emotion in overwhelming outpour

Defining endings scrolled up amid simultaneous rollout of hope’s glimmer

The world pensively watching with bated breath amid curious lurk of destiny’s fate

Securely hinged on love’s mystical spectacle that would chart eternal course in triumph

Faith and sight divinely litmussed in spectacular fashion at Moab’s grand canyon’s decisive demarcation

©The Blazing Trail 2021


Overflowing with majesty and excellence anciently seasoned

Gentle flavor flows ceaselessly from his potent hand unparalleled

Wisdom courage and strength firmly girding his finite retinue in eternal anchor

From one day to the next hope sparkles through the mortal eye in renewed promise

Song of grace resonating joyfully across all ages in resounding zest and against all odds

He towers in fame power wonder and glory indescribable

This beautiful king before all things

In him all things hold together


©The Blazing Trail 2017


Like divine messengers heralding good tidings among mortals

They cut through the atmosphere in cascading jets of hope

Lighting up the surface with fascinating dew of life

Heart leaps for joy in ensuing flavor of nourish

Light and life beaming gloriously

Within rays of rainfall


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Cascading through the altitudes in downward flashing spiral

Dimming glory fashioned in nostalgic thirds fashion

Nothing is the same in spectacle’s wake

Defining line setting two worlds apart ever after

Headlines blare timelessly in decisive ensue informative

Heel winger



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The Vessel

“One more thing Joannah,” called out Joe from the gate, “please get your surfing gear ready. It’s a stormy season.”She was briefly taken a-back. “Be still”, continued Joe. “All is well because Alpha is for us.” She nodded on the affirmative before rushing back to her chambers. Continue reading “The Vessel”

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