The Diva From Phoenicia

“Next time wash your hands before you eat!” Alpha the Majestic remarked, visibly struggling to hide his agitation. His team burst out in a prolonged hearty laughter. His eyes narrowed as he appeared reflective for a moment. Members of his band exchanged curious glances. They were gradually getting accustomed to such moments that were becoming highlights of their daily schedule.

“I hear a sound! A cry!” he said.

“What cry?” One of them asked.

“Come! We have to leave!” he calmly replied, his eyes filled with compassion. Some winked at those standing closer to him to enquire further while others shrugged their shoulders and stood with blank faces and awed eyes.

“We are going to Phoenicia!” He continued.
“What!” The exclamation was spontaneous and loud, close to a shout!
“That’s in Syria. Are you serious!” One of them vigorously protested.
“It’s the sound of a deer!” He added, as he got underway.
“A deer?!” The response was again loud and unanimous!


The situation in the analysis room was emotionally charged as the female guest reflectively narrated her account. She spoke in a slow progression, her eyes radiating a childlike curious spark as if speaking from a world of her own!

“How can I ever forget that day? It was incredible I tell you! The most inconceivable day of my life! The hunger and desperation within me had risen to such astounding levels. I needed an answer so badly or I was going to die! News about Alpha the Majestic had blazed through our region like wild-fire. Somehow I knew he had the answer I was seeking. I then got wind that to my surprise he had entered our country. At first I thought it was a hoax because popular folk had it his itinerary was exclusive to his kindred. He was this man whose message and blessing was for our eyes only! It felt like, we were condemned, like we belonged to the wrong side of life.”

“What happened next?”
“I remember the moment our eyes met as if it were yesterday.”
“What did you see?”

“I saw compassion and perceived a love no words could express. It was like deep calling out to deep. He had captured my heart. I went on my knees and made my petition. I was greeted with a rather uncomfortable silence though.”

“How did you interpret that?”

“I knew he was for me. It was in his eyes! It was so strong in my heart! But the silence worried me. It was then my eyes were opened… I believe he did it. And I was able to see the problem!”


“I understood his hesitation. He had been trying to pass on a message to me. The problem was in the tight steel ring around him. He was trying to expose their hearts. A rather profound, dramatic personality this Alpha!”

“Pardon me but I’m a bit lost!”

“His twelve possessive lieutenants would hear none of my pleas. They were determined to maintain the exclusive status quo. I doubt they approved of his presence in our country. I was like a dog to them. A great irritation and an intruder. My heart was torn to pieces as one of them sought permission from Alpha to evict me from their vicinity. Not even the fate of my seriously ailing daughter could move them! I was distraught. They stared at me with growling eyes. I was scared they would swallow me alive! One of them asked his friend how much he thought my exotic sandals from Athens were worth!”

The mood in the analysis room went somber as the guest broke, briefly interrupting the transmission.

“Did you contemplate giving up?”

“Absolutely. I came so close! I felt my self-worth and confidence drain from me in a flash. A sizeable crowd had gathered around and was following with abated breath. It was the face of Alpha that kept me at it. I dared believe it would be ok.

‘Do you have faith enough to get over all these destructive obstacles?’ He asked.
‘Yes!’ I resolutely answered. Then came his pleasantly uplifting response: ‘You have great faith! Your request is granted!’ No one saw it come!”

“My goodness! That’s some tenacity you demonstrated right there!”
“I honestly don’t think it was about me. Because though I put up a brave fight, I had been severely shaken in my faith. It was Alpha’s touch that lifted my spirit and held me from sliding to relegation. He accepted and affirmed me publicly as dearly precious in his sight. He anchored and revitalized my failing esteem in his matchless love, so I may be his mouth piece in proclaiming his boundless love for all. “

“What a day! How was the aftermath?”

“A bit of me was still struggling en route home. I was partly excited and extremely so looking forward to embracing my fully restored daughter. On the other hand, I wondered whether he had granted my request out of pity for me or because he had me in mind coming to Phoenicia. My daughter was soundly asleep when I got home. The glow on her face told me all was well. Just then, I noticed I had new mail at my doorstep. My heart raced as I quickly tore open the envelope.”

Dear Diva!

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled!
I had to come to Phoenicia!

With Love
Alpha the Majestic!

©The Blazing Trail 2012
All Rights Reserved

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  1. Loved this piece but allow me correct;
    Phoenicia is an old name for Lebanon; the Land of Cedars; it’s where the Phoenicians had lived; the same genius that we owe them communicating using the Alphabets instead of drawing our needs…Their civilization left many touristic places all over the coast & “King Ahiram’s Tomb” holding the first carved alphabets was found in Byblos city; the land he ruled which is around 25km away from the Capital; Beirut…


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