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Personal touch anchors him in outlook and essence

Outstanding in fine detail characterizing his flawless cardinal course

Universal streak stuns in timeless sentimental brilliance self-sustaining

Crisp signature meticulously engraved round lion’s dark mane in ancient aura of time

Hope rises ceaselessly in rare buoyant glow within tranquility of the human heart and soul

Like a crisp fairy tale ever after

He is before all things

In him

All things hold together


©The Blazing Trail 2017

Descending from echelons prominently elevated

Adorned in magnificent aura radiating glorious aesthetic

For the day definitively heralded in universal reach

Zion’s pinnacle glows in thrill of accomplishment

Majestic posture enthroned within the moment

Where the story ends and begins in seamless interval captivating

Signature procession eternally unrivaled

Unveiling spectacle

Of the bride


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The music plays

Aura saturating the air with mesmerize intense

Hearts flow out

Painting magnificent image in multilingual collage of sentimental expression

Birds chirp in early morning breeze awe laden

Inspiration arises

Creativity on an all-time high

Symphonies sync

In simultaneous beat of tale and search

Up and down the sofa notation

What is love


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Heart racing in pleasant thrill unbridled

When dusk is gone and light has come

Rays magnificent ushering

Glowing smile marking herald’s demeanor

Amid victor’s song beyond barrier and obstacle

Like a fountain of worship throbbing

Glee richly overflowing

Happily ever after


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It sweeps

In full three sixty swing

Seeking in earnest

Sentimental heartbeat andante

Smiting in eternal embrace

Glorious echoes

Sweetly seeping through

Drawing heart and soul

Epicenter irresistible


Love wave



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