Descending from echelons prominently elevated

Adorned in magnificent aura radiating glorious aesthetic

For the day definitively heralded in universal reach

Zion’s pinnacle glows in thrill of accomplishment

Majestic posture enthroned within the moment

Where the story ends and begins in seamless interval captivating

Signature procession eternally unrivaled

Unveiling spectacle

Of the bride


Intricate scramble roars in spirited contra push

Long shot painted in sustained push for the grand prize

It heads for the wire in what is evidently a protracted dual showdown

The best team wins

And the winner takes it all

   Priceless gem at stake since foundations anciently designed

Hitherto the nerve centre fueling all action

Like a story sentimentally divine within the story

Courtesy of spectacle

Of the bride


©The Blazing Trail 2016

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