Nations assemble


In their multitudes grandeur

Great and small unified in pulse

Bond united

Sentimental expression marks each face

Commonality in diversity

Emphatic posture underlining public statement

Optimism apex

Sound of the national anthem

Saturating the air with beauty limitless

Flag paints irresistible patterns of love

Successive wave

Awe inspiring


Instrument modulates in tune

Mark of excellence perfected

Skillful touch

Vocals in harmonious accompaniment

Dialect after another

Complement refined

Eye stares expectantly way above

Petition on target

Reaching out to what lies beneath the finite

Curious admission involuntary

Hope of the nations

Concealed in the mystery of the anthem

There is a chance

A common thread could run beneath

Shared dream



Uniting entities in destiny

At the end of the road

Where there are no walls

And love reigns supreme

In purity of substance



©The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

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