So hope could triumph over despair

Like the sound of music

Saving best for last

Light overpowering snare of the dense dark unseen

So heart of hearts could thrill with revival bubble

Doubt resting case once and for all

Unbelief trounced in style

Amazing grace

Shinning radiantly among the living

Four days later


Law of gravity crumbled under his lift counterpart

Sound of victory saturating airwaves with splendor

Deadlock definitively broken

Defying explanation and comprehension

It would not be the same again moving forward

Number four

Elevated to the annals of history



And so the story continues

Riding on the glorious breakthrough first witnessed then

Either side of the compass bows in resonance

Mighty wonder that moved one and all

Shedding new lease of life

Ever after

Securely silencing critic and skeptic

Had to be four days later


© The Blazing Trail 2015

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