From where it’s all unfolding

Spectacle descending upon mortals in the wonder of snowflakes

It captures imaginations in captivating tons of knowledge bestowed in dramatic unleash

Quest for the smartest of them all intensified by the day in wake of decisive partition

Event beneath veil invisible curiously shapes up for the moment of moments heralded

Plot scenes falling in place courtesy of mystery twofold beheld

From somewhere up there


Tectonic plates grind to an eventful unifying continental embrace

Cords of purpose knotting across cultures in unprecedented slide of acceleration

Intensity of mission saturates the air with tangible aura mystifying

Eyes glued religiously to the skies in heightened anticipation

There is no telling what the next scene could bring at break of day

When it unveils from the director’s podium enthroned

Somewhere up there


©The Blazing Trail 2016


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