Glowing like no other




Non ever after


Light giving




Brilliance awe striking


That overflowed with life abundance


She sparkled


Leaving a blazing trail in her wake


West bound


Without equal




Fairest of them all






Hats off


Like one meeting their match


 Cream of eastern hemisphere reverberated


Bastion of knowledge


Wisdom fortress


En route


Compelled in motion


And mission


Each tread


A resounding acknowledgement


Transition undisputable


Sealed in homage approaching


Drumsticks rolling




Chartered caravan underway


Under luster celestial


Standing out from the rest


 Fairest of them all




Perfect light


Spectacle airborne


Twinkle magnificent frequency


Beheld from ground below


Her piercing beams drew images unsurpassed


They told of a story captivating


With no beginning nor end


Love endless


That would conquer all


In essence and impact


Mystery before all things


That would redefine knowledge


And cap wisdom




Grand crowning


Universe joining in chorus


Fairest of them all




© The Blazing Trail 2013


All Rights Reserved


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