Continued from XI

You could feel the music simmer deep in the bone marrow. Spurts of life, victory and power gushed forth from the depths of the soul in rising proportions. Just then, all hell seemed to break loose as the monumental walls came tumbling down without warning. Suddenly, there was pandemonium unequaled in proportion as the siege broke out in triumphant fashion.

There was something overflooding the air with a magical refill that morning as the hostages hurriedly came through the living room window, down the crimson stairway hanging, and into the peculiar airplane parked at the bottom of the redemptive stairway.

From her vantage point by the window, unprecedented lethal assets of warfare, unconventional in nature, had their firepower fully trained on the city. She shuddered at the enormity of the reality at hand. It was a scene from the fiction world playing out breathtakingly in broad day light.

She brought the rear of the hostages’ exodus. This prison of an abode she had known as home for ages would never be part of her life again. She was overcome with nostalgia as she came down the crimson stairway in measured stride. The incredible scene before her eyes was a reloaded scene from the make belief world.

And just like that, the tables had been turned against the mighty city. It was all happening very fast, with every indication that no stone would remain unturned. The mighty city would inevitably be no more. This historic marvel was rapidly sliding out of grip. The lofty walls of Jericho had been floored. The absolute takeover was right on target.

To be continued…

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