Continued from last week…

There was no sight of red roses. Not this time round. Yet it seemed this moment was potent with more than just the norm. The gist of the surprise gift felt more in the discernable presence of a fourth invisible guest whose fragrance filled the room. She could almost touch him!

And what a thrilling development out of nowhere, or did she have it coming for a while! She knew it when a day presented more than met the eye. And all at once her heart was leaving nothing to speculation; This would be a valentines day to remember!

She was staring right at the color of defining moment extraordinaire, and how she wished Cleo was right there at what was visibly and increasingly becoming the epicenter of the only blockbuster that would be unfolding in this city for the foreseeable future.

She was grateful for the opportunity to share dinner with her guests, unusual guests, never mind the fact that under her roof their cover had been blown, no mean feat at all! Maybe there was a chance they would in return hire her to work for them!

Going by the direction the conversation was taking, there was no doubt she had stumbled onto a life altering moment, effectively splitting her life into two contrasting phases. The latter was just beginning. She was not new to life altering phases that had taken her to sharp contrasts all through her life.

Tonight marked yet another eventful transition. It felt like walking into a live wave. Suddenly her life came playing past her eyes, right from childhood. She beheld the highs and lows with a pensive heart. Yet cumulatively the shame of her lows threatened to swallow her alive. There was almost nothing to salvage.

In a sustained fashion, these mighty arms seemed to anchor her heart from drowning in the avalanche of guilt and condemnation perusing. It was a firm loving embrace so true and heartfelt. This fountain of love, this inexhaustible grace that overflowed in ceaseless bubble. Her sight was refined. It was the gush of a new lease of life; a love that had found her – Apple of the Fathers Eye Forever!

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