Continued from last week…

And how could she doubt it! This Father, the one who had found her; lowliest of the low. How could it be that he had gallantly waded through the miry clay she was helplessly wallowing in. Mess of her own making. There was no accident, no coincidence, no doubt-absolutely; his eye had resolutely been on her.

He had walked the distance, cost notwithstanding. What a love! Love so beautiful, so resilient and personal. A love that had gone all out, conquering the heights – and the depths, subduing time and silencing all accusation, just to find her.

Here she was , in a very vivid sense staring at the face of God. And elated to the moon about it. This Father, her pursuer, lover of her soul. Father who saw her.

Just when she had resigned to fate, her walls closed in and all hope gone, caught in the grip of an enemy so strong and powerful, this new lease of life came sweeping in awe inspiring fresh breath. She instinctively felt the hairs at her nape break in an animated joyous praise. She knew she would not be the same again. From deep down the rubble of her rapidly fading life, and against all hope, he had found her.

Tightly caged in the prison sealed by the signature fortified walls, he had effortlessly walked right in and thrown her the lifeline of a lifetime. From the monumental pit of her eighth fall, here she was, dazzling with much hope and promise. In her case, truly the best had been saved for last. And where was Cleo when you needed him most!

What in trickle of the long shot had seemed a distant tale of an exclusive chosen had endearingly zoomed-in to embrace her in an incorporating closeup right in her living room. And what an incredible feeling basking right at the centre of it. How was she to know! How could it be!

To be continued…

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