Continued from last week…

Something about that gentle knock at the door aroused her curiosity almost immediately. A relatively easy day save for the intrigues of Cleo that were captivatingly trending across the city’s pulse. The golden giant bowl of the evening sunset kissed the skyline in a magnificent touchdown inspiring such great awe and wonder.

Talking of Cleo and blockbusters, there was no hearing the end of it. It was always amazing how he seemed to exist in this fast-paced action-packed invisible island. 

Yet in spite of how sensational it all stood, it felt like she was so ready to pen down one full scene by herself–at least going by the events of the last twenty-four hours. At the backstage and in reality, it was all unfolding fast and furious and in real time.

It could have been anyone at the door, especially going by the timing of the visit, yet it was increasingly becoming clear coincidence was not the word for the season. She waited with bated breath as she cautiously strode toward the door.

Enter the unannounced duo and the plot seemed to thicken in spectacular fashion. She was transfixed by the sight in front of her. Fairy tale and reality locked in a somewhat make-believe face to face encounter. Her heart skipped a beat as she instinctively stepped aside to allow the guests in. It all seemed to flow in seamless precision, from a script meticulously penned in infallible detail. A mixture of emotion welled up within her entire being, overwhelming her with nostalgia indescribable.

It was the thrill of two worlds colliding, as the two took their seats opposite each other in the living room.

To be continued…

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