Winding gloriously through nations’ terrains

From beginnings undocumented

Graceful flow overwhelming with  love compassionate

Beauty uncensored

Cultures dazzle in unifying heartbeat

Awash with rare sweet flavor

whetting taste buds with unprecedented indulgence frenzy


Like micro antennas unreservedly reaching out to tap

Involuntary spectacle reflex


Magnificently mirrored

within watercourse

Flowing by


Nerve endings arise in studious praise

Drawing zest from fountain ever giving

It wells up the body

Drenching with enriching thought

Emotion and deed

Life and nourish beyond bounds

Course rolls on

Along scheduled mission

Toward destination and fate

Beckoning from horizons mysterious

Echoes of the day

At the never-ending end


The water course


©The Blazing Trail 2016

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