Like a fountain of grace generously overflowing in downward fashion

Life and hope nourishes in abundance flow impacting its eventful wake

No obstacle mounts resistance within unfolding scenario tranquil

Adversity subdues in decisive  graceful bow comprehensive

Sky smiling radiantly within punctuate of cloud cover artistically adorning

Sun moon and stars in their glorious tow

Signature exclusive showcasing

Of the open heaven fame


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Reflective marvels marked every face present before spectacle central

Enclave exclusively restricted

From where the action relayed dramatically to echelons in their diversity

Elated bleats and moos rent the air in harmonious chorus echoing exuberantly among curious universal fauna

Staring pensively toward sparkling glimmer at far horizon

Magnificent splendor dawning ever after

Heightened gloriously

From the manger’s chorus


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Victorious over multiplicity of circumstance

Sparkling resiliently in diversity of season

Ultimate portrait of optimism

Roots draw from a beginning whose start is defined not

Strength boundless within universal finite surrendered

Not a limitation overwhelms in effect

Strength besides self

Reminiscent chords of the fairy tales fantastic

Warming the heart in endless sweet savour

Doings magnificent of the greatest

Hero inside


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Colors array in their diverse shades within spectrum

They oscillate studiously along the rainbow curve

Quest for the fairest of them heightened in multi jostle unparalleled

Sparkles of glorious magnificence arise in wake

Zealous appeal before pensive eye of the beholder

Manifested within backdrop of representative litmus anchoring

Amid mystery of



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Winding gloriously through nations’ terrains

From beginnings undocumented

Graceful flow overwhelming with  love compassionate

Beauty uncensored

Cultures dazzle in unifying heartbeat

Awash with rare sweet flavor

whetting taste buds with unprecedented indulgence frenzy


Like micro antennas unreservedly reaching out to tap

Involuntary spectacle reflex


Magnificently mirrored

within watercourse

Flowing by


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Love indescribable

Hero’s true signature displayed in triumph’s chorus

Selfless pulse resonates across the seven seas in glorious trail

Spectacle mesmerizing from peak above the mountain

To depths beneath the sea

Joy and desire of the cultures in their multi-lingual notation

It’s all ears in the face of awesome view unfolding

Like sentimental peruse of a universal love story book

Pages flip in soothing ballad toward thrilling culmination marked

There are fruits


Then apple

Of the eye


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