Veteran’s retrospect

Legend’s life trail

Thrilling in exploit detail

Making of the grand legacy




It captivates and inspires

Two sides of the same coin

Eliciting unified reception

Awe arousing

Cross continental


Sum total

Ten plus one


Nations assemble in readiness

All eyes trained on epicenter

Best of the best affair

Test of discipline

Chosen parts ways with called

Vivid distinction

Each taking own course

Destined parallels

Immiscible substance

 Essence depicting sharp contrast

Real time scenario too close to call

At surface peruse

Thinly veiling



Ten plus one


Spectator’s focal point

Shouts of applause ascending

Adrenaline rush

Where the action lies

Coveted arena

Watched from a distance

Intense longing

Deep inner reflection of what could be

Across the line

Among the first eleven


©The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

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