The clock is ticking

And fast

Electrifying race again time

Sandwiched between two flag wielding beacons

One more exudes the north

Within center of action


The ultimate challenge

Playing ball


It restlessly rolls and spins

To and fro

The ball

Caught within intense pressure

Dramatic showdown

Mother of all shows

Desire to conquer world pulsating

The dream gushes forth

Chords of inspiration spurring on

Real time

The world applauds in rejoinder

There is a chance the dream could come true

Deadlock broken

Within regular time

On official countdown

Playing ball



Rising way above limitations inhibiting

Barriers within and without

Song unified

Universal essence

I can make it

We can make it

Multi advance


Playing ball

Art of discipline showcased


Holding together in one heartbeat

Hope of victory

Color of triumph

Fear vanquished

Dream come true


Winner takes it all

One touch in tantalizing fashion

It could have been better

Had it been apparent

One touch was all there would be to it

Moments come flashing past



Managing only glimpses at times

Playing ball at others

Sharpening by the play

For the score


© The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

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