Turning and winding

Acceleration mode in full engage

Forward ever

One way course in configuration

Compelling quest

Immortality reflections

Constantly beckoning

Only truth can satisfy

Intense thirst that marks the terrain

Along the way

Exhilarating by the progression unfolding

Down the road


No one seems to know

If it’s all happening by design or coincidence

The sun sets

Behind golden splendor in magnificent view

Only to rise is spectacular glow soon after

Yet another opportunity to explore

What lies in store

In the mystery concealed

Along the trail

Down the road


Familiar planes fade in distant shadows

A whole new world shapes up

Before mine very own eyes

Filling heart with mixed feelings nostalgic

Numbing in some ways

Reprogram materializes in full perspective


By prominence of the moment


Progression down the road

By the transition

By the stride


To the very end

Logical conclusion attain

The winds and turns continue

One way configuration

Quest for truth

Along the trail

Amidst intrigues dotting

Frames and scenes

Along spectacular course eventful

Down the road


© The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

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