Within beehive of activity

It’s all systems go

Foray of the nations

As Clock ticks

In what increasingly shapes up as race against time

Imminent scenario taking shape


And eventful

Rapid motions of finality


Before all things

It’s the lockdown

Of all ages


Focus draws sharp in retrospect

The lens of time zooming in

Stock taking aperture

And posture

Stretching to the finest of detail

Mind reflecting

Heart and soul-searching

Conscience prodding


Flora and fauna nod in Knowing sync

With aqua assembling from deep to shallow

Deep calls to deep

Moment of reckoning dawning

Shade of Saturday evening

And sunset


The grand lockdown


With a pulse incognito it encircles

Scheduled steady advance



And veiled in equal measure

Grace and justice in passionate embrace

Virtue secured in glorious magnificence

Grand trail crowning

Where all action is happening

Impiety relegated in residue


Contrasts await establishments


Echoes of fate andante


For he is before all things

In him

All things hold together


© The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “THE LOCKDOWN

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  1. Love how when I read your poems I see so many things all at once.. as I see the world in conflict, the climate change.. and much more…. I hope you have your key handy my friend.. ready to open the lock.. :-)… I enjoyed.. Be well, and take care.. Sue


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