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Like a grand lens studiously panning the universe circumference

Discreet fashion clicking away moments within lifetime event

Shutters meticulously relaying signal in intricate detail

Vivid images come scrolling their way into the gallery universal embed

Not a frame evades the blazing gaze encased

Mystery master watch cardinal

Watching the watchers


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Master of personal touch

Sited on the threshold of emotion universal

Unifying cause and effect

In intricate synthesis spreading in variance

Of diverse network

Systems and structures showcasing in shape and mode

 Within radius of colorful societal fabric

Expression expressed at optimal frequency

Along equalizer framework defined

Signature akin


Of the Hypothalamus


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07/09/2015 — 1 Comment

Vivid image glows in radiant close up

Like beauty beheld


Magnificent pixel bounty

Deep inner longing

Here and now

When silence speaks loud and clear

And no need for interpretation motions

Moment of reckoning

When all things turn new

And the dots come joining securely in dance

Perfect order


Happily ever after


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Images flow past in retrospect

Profound eternal mystery depicted

Resolution sparkles with magnificence of pixel

Shutters winking in decisive graceful precision

Spectacular frames showcasing flashback grandeur

No detail escapes the intent eye

He was




Archive secured


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Calming storms

Stilling turmoil

With certainty unmatched

Mountain and valley lie low

In uniform flatten

Birds singing for joy


With a touch


The telescope


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