Rumble – rumble – rumble

Chooo – chooo

It trumpets past

Blazing splendor

Fan fare enthralling

Wheels faithfully on course

Embracing rail in siamese clutch

Transcontinental Express

Train of glory


Chooo – chooo

Echoes across the seven seas

Signaling high priority schedule

Aqua comes alive in divine stir

With marine species swimming into their new abode

Dolphins are not missing in action

Joining the bandwagon in characteristic Peacemaking salute


Steadily blazes forth

Train of glory


Winds and stretches to infinity


Holding the wagons together


All walks of life in showcase

Like the Colors of rainbow

 Affiliate in breathtaking wonder

Compartments buzz with activity

Saturated with kindred awe

Diversity unified


Present accelerates with activity

Rear surrounded in dense cloud witness

Faith motivating the wheel as they glide on course

Compelling motion in progress

There is no telling where it all ends

When it ends

You can feel the climax buildup though

Something in the air


Happy landings glorious

Chooo – chooo

For He is before all things

In Him all things hold together


The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “TRAIN OF GLORY

  1. When He Ascended on high
    He led captives in His train
    And gave gifts to men.


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