Continued from last week’s… “SNAKES AND LADDERS.”

“Who exactly is this guy, his accomplice…and where are they from?” The head of state could hardly conceal his agitation. “I greatly detest the fact I have known no peace since this whole messy saga erupted.”

“Messenger and the Herald are their names! Our records show one of them; the Messenger is wanted by our security agencies for crimes committed about four decades ago. Our options remain limited owing to his royal status.”

“General, this is the fifth briefing session in under 24Hrs!  I must confess this matter is beginning to take a toll on me. What’s new?”

“That’s what is so strange about this escapade. We have nothing notable in their profiles to understand how they’re pulling this one off.”

“It’s your duty to show that, General.” He sprung forth his hands in an emphatic protest.

“Mr. President, they simply don’t exist!”

“What doesn’t exist?!” He hurriedly paced across the room exuding a growing sense of restlessness.

“Profiles. This pair seems to have fallen into our territory from space wielding some strange contaminant that is haunting the very core of our national security and rapidly crippling our systems!”

“Call the extraterrestrial unit, the martian center or do something for Pete’s sake! You don’t want to set us on a Mayday mode based on some strange unbridled pair hovering our land whom you’re now branding ufos without a flinch!”  The simultaneous groans were evidence of muffled outbursts of laughter.

“We are doing our best, sir. It’s been an eventful day and our units are working round the clock to contain the crisis. We already are at our optimal priority-5. The level of engagement we are involved with is unprecedented within our radar. That stretches through any recorded history.”

“My Country is falling apart. I need a plan, gentlemen-a plan.”

“Mr. president,” the General took a calculated breath. “I recommend you declare a state of emergency.”

“No way! Just because of those two outlaws? No one told me you were planning to elevate them to sainthood. I’m afraid you’re taking the joke a bit too far. Bring them in. I will take care of  them myself!”


“You are chosen. Kingpin in a terminal duel pitting two worlds. Whether by fate or design I have not a clue. It seems though it was the reason you were born. The moment to actualize this very purpose is here. Not a force within or without has what it takes to thwart it. For the decisive hand of destiny steers its resolute course.

“The galaxies and powers of the universe rhythmically merge in a unified bow of echo. Yours will eternally go down the annals of the legends. Woman, child and man to embrace in wisdom and to sparkle as a sobering reminder, in theory and demonstration…”

“Hold it right there.” His security detail was on high alert as his hand shot up like lightning.

“Enough of this! I will tell you this just this once: I never want to hear you give me this discourse again-ever!I rescind your wish, I will hear none of it. What’s more, I want you out of my sight. Count yourself history if I ever set my eyes on you again. I mean every word of it.”

“I promise, you will never see me again. Remember your appointment at Ten!” The Messenger flanked by the Herald vanished from the room just as fast as they had been ushered in.


There was pandemonium the Nation over at the stroke of Ten. Vet, fauna and human health expert were rendered speechless. Historian and scientist were united in perplexity. Populace watched, tongue-tied. Nature eavesdropped, petrified. Nations beheld the moment in unprecedented awe. The lofty and humble unified in the full glare of the yellow card. The ripples were felt in equal measure all across the land. How was any one to know just how biting the heralded appointment was going to be?!


To be continued…


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