The spokesman walked brusquely up the wooden stair case in the wee hours of the morning brandishing his half eaten roast Tilapia. The bone framework was a vivid display of the excellence with which he was undertaking the surgery. He slumped to his seat, his eyes casually looking round the room where his friends spoke in low tones with others drifting to sleep while others still like him, the love balm and the stethoscope reflected in solitude.

He wondered how much longer they had to wait. He felt carried in a mysterious compelling trail. This morning fond memories were flooding his mind. The feeling of loosing himself to the unknown igniting mixed sensations in him. The last three years had been the most incredible season of his life. And what an incredible culmination! It felt like lifetime. His life was not the same anymore.

How could someone possibly know him so well? The one significant feature characteristic of his journey had probably remained his strong sense of opinion. Yet here was Alpha, the one gallant warrior who had effectively tamed his raw impulsive ambition characterized by bursts of overconfidence.

He had another go at his Tilapia as if still trying to come to terms with all that was happening. He seemed to be clinging on it more as opposed to eating it. Voices from crowds gathering outside ahead of the International Carnival in the city could be heard rising.

He recalled one of Alpha’s parting shots. A nerve chilling allusion that Sleek the Intricate was seeking to annihilate him. To imagine himself in the form of fine powder was giving him nightmares. Yet it was his unwavering confidence in the one who understood both him and Sleek that gave him the courage to stay on course. All would be well if he kept one word in mind: Abide!  In him all things hold together!

He was just beginning to perceive the severity of the battle in the invisible sphere against a vulnerable human race-those in Alpha’s cause in particular waged by Sleek the formidable foe thanks to the crevices of unstable insecure hearts. This was a profound reality he had remained passive about until their last moments with Alpha. He should have been disqualified long before but somehow here he was still on course. That in spite of his monumental goofs.

Alpha had remained this  firm shield around him against the sustained onslaught from a lethal foe. He could have sunk any moment but he held him still. Many times he had turned his back on him, yet he had magnanimously overlooked all that. It all got him so confused. In the end he had given up worrying about it. He sometimes wondered what he saw in him. Somehow he seemed resolutely focused on an end, way above and beyond the hitches. A strong resolve that weathered all the distractions. An ultimate superior promise he seemed not only to see but one he strongly believed in. Like one before all things!

He began to realize this was not a cause whose success was dependant on might. It was delegated victory, in spite of himself, pegged on surrender to one who held all victory in his hands. A privileged position indeed. One of those memorable instances when he thought he was at his best for Alpha, he turned out the devil incarnate!

Then there was the dramatic night at the mountain side. He would never forget this for the rest of his life. They had suddenly awoken to find Alpha flanked by two unlikely personalities who had travelled back in time; the Intelligence Chief and the Head of Protocol. Engulfed in a fearful aura, they seemed engrossed in a crucial briefing session. Who could deny his undisputed place before all things?!

He felt his heart race at the flash back. Such moments in their time with him formed the core of the profound enigma he remained through it all. He let out a hearty chuckle as he recalled the love balm’s initial reaction to the spectacle was an urgent suggestion they take to their heels, his poetic touch all gone!

On his part he had come up with a more realistic architectural proposal to house the three dignitaries, hoping to appease them to spare their lives! For one moment they wished the earth would give way and take them in. What a night! The memory was still crystal clear. The most astounding thing about it all was that it had all been real life…real time!

Somewhere at the back of his mind he hoped the awaited guest would not arrive in a similar fashion. He looked around the room once again. It was an amazing fact realizing each person present was a part of Alpha’s cause. Though joining separately, each was on a defined path as an important part of the ultimate sol-fa notation with Alpha as the amazing phenomenon through whom all pieces held together, in a masterpiece choreographed by himself, through himself and for himself…before all things!

He noted the love balm had slowly drifted to sleep and mused at the fact he was not sparking his characteristic thunder. He recalled the day Alpha had restrained him at the verge of breathing fire at some undeserving hostilities as their entourage made its way through a remote village. How he had come to be this docile poet and Alpha’s favorite was still a mystery.

Then there was the stethoscope, Alpha’s kindred. Initially vocal against Alpha he had become subdued and a staunch pillar of the same cause he had exhibited great unbelief toward, connecting resolutely with Alpha’s passion for a regular heart beat! His extra-large instrument hung from around his neck. He seemed to be evaluating the numerous family censure motions and the day he had dared him to show himself strong publicly.

Alpha’s response had been sobering, reiterating he was right on schedule unlike him and the rest of the skeptics and reminding him he would show up where he was supposed to when he was supposed to and how he was supposed to, for everything happening around was just but a tributary of the real deal: Alpha the Majestic! It was a marvel that would always resonate within him. Like the rest he would only be a carrier of the cause, as an act of benevolence by Alpha; among the Peoples to propagate. To see the end product from the raw material, every step of the toil to appreciate.

Like the dazzling spectacle of a bicycle kick, Alpha had blazed past the goal mouth in the best goal of the season. Like the spectacular phenomenon of the white shark in top gear among the dark waters of the deep, he had simply torn through. Akin to the beautiful awe-inspiring blonde whose fame spread across the borders, every young man came to see, palm over mouth, devoid of  the creativity to charm her over. Like a comet he had shot from horizon to horizon, without a trace, leaving a magnificent display in the aftermath!

“I hear a sound!” The love balm spoke in his sleep. “The sound of laughter! ‘It’s time!’ shouts the herald. In echoes of glory the laughter reverberates round the four corners, setting the globe ablaze. The sound of freedom! Like a mighty flood it rises up in a loving embrace proclaiming wonders unexplainable, a powerful sweeping wind spelling panic and defeat to every creviced opponent,while offering the antidote in equal measure. It tells of a cause from before time, whose end is determined.”

There was a sudden stir among the six scores present in the room. The unifying mood on their faces told of a new dawn like nothing within imagination, one that would eclipse their past maneuvers in prominence and magnitude, not because they could, but because of the sure foundation, for he is before all things and in him all things hold together!

©The Blazing Trail 2012

All rights reserved

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog although it is mostly written in German with a little Swedish, Norwegian and English.
    It`s easy and entertaining to read yout text – thanks for sharing.
    All the best from the sunny coast of North-Norfolk/UK
    Klausbernd and his bookfayries Siri & Selma


  2. Well written and much “food” for thought. I will return to read more.


  3. Hahahaha, I was so engaged in the story, traveling and experiencing the taste of it all to such a degree that a pillow next to me fell over and I was so startled that I jumped. Thanks for the jumper cables, I am definitely recharged. Hugs :-))


      1. hahahaha, the atrocity! Now you are sounding like me… the drama, oh my! Don’t worry about it, it was actually very funny, the way it happened and how I jumped and it made me laugh. On a serious note though, your writing IS sooo BRILLIANT that it is hard to not get seduced by it and get lost in it. Thank you for sharing your very delightful gift :-))


  4. Love tilapia any way it’s done. And this was a VERY interesting story – the first thing that made me want to finish reading it was one of your tags: He is before all things. That intrigued me, and when I read the entire story my first impressions were confirmed. I’ll be checking back to read more!!


  5. Thank you very much for visiting my blog and leaving so many likes! I’m glad you have been enjoying my three things each day .
    Have a good day 🙂


  6. i know this comment might be annoying, but i’ve never heard of roast tilapia. i’ve only heard of broiled and fried and grilled.


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