MARINATED;Continued From Last Week’s DOH-Ray…

“Hypertonic, Isotonic and Hypotonic! Keep in mind the all important distinction and relationship between the three. You will need that, wherever you go! Strive always for the best option-always!”

“Which is?!” Exclaimed an inquisitive Joe in his characteristic buoyancy.

“The answer is in the eyes of the beholder! There is only one answer though. Find it!” Concluded the collected Biology Professor. His eyes seemed resolutely fixed on something we could not see, an anchor of sorts.


The room erupted in a spontaneous wave of glorious acclamation, threatening to explode on impact. Its windows and two doors swung wide open as the fired up tenants moved out to the streets carried in a potent indomitable wave.

Sporadic bursts arrayed in stunning shades of glory rend the air as thousands of curious onlookers ran to the sprawling city square to catch a firsthand glimpse of the development. Celebrations from the International Festival underway came to a momentous halt as participants from every country in the world joined in the unfolding drama.

There was a rapturous joy so tangible in the air, unleashing a splendor that resounded all across the four corners of the world. From Copenhagen to Juneau, Buenos Aires, and the Falkland Islands; stretching from Lesotho to Nairobi, Kinshasa, Nouakchott, Paris, Rabat and Tripoli across Algiers; All the way from Sana’a-Yemen to Tashkent, Tallinn, Reykjavik, Niamey and Oslo; spreading to Helsinki, Riyadh, Barcelona, Ulaanbaatar and Moscow, Dhaka then down to Canberra business came to a standstill as the long-awaited visitor made his announced arrival at the significant city in a most spectacular fashion.

A startling sign appeared right above the heart of the city square as a magnificent light tore through the sky in a magnificent unifying herald for the Nations, leaving behind a blazing trail in a confounding phenomenon.

The Big Ben chimed ahead of schedule to the surprise of all who witnessed. The Black Continent shone with the brilliance of magnesium as priceless Black Diamonds popped up across her numerous cities. Heavily pregnant clouds were reported over the vast Sahara desert.

Beverly Hills marveled greatly at the real-time wonder as it majestically displayed past, decisively eclipsing the airspace. Beijing bowed in honor as The Epitome made a public statement while the Kangaroos in Australia danced to the First Wonder of the world with enviable abandon. The Kremlin saluted curiously as signs of human habitation emerged in the Antarctica.

Curios murmurs went round the milling crowds as the National Anti Narcotics Unit was called in to assess the situation. They chose to monitor the proceedings from a distance as the unusually energized tenants from the room upstairs, who seemed to have instantaneously learned and mastered the spectators’ languages in their multitudes continued to speak with overflowing zeal, calling upon all to consider Alpha’s invitation by molting their hearts so as to set stage for the sprouting of a new crop all across the land.

They jubilantly and endlessly sung of the exalted place of Alpha the Majestic, before all things and in whom all things hold together. It was clearly evident a notable transformation had come upon the tenants this morning. Something so attractive and powerful. The speculation was endless with more questions than answers generated.

“This is real!” Spoke a young girl in the crowd to her mistress in a half whisper.

“I really believe now.No one will be able to stop the cause of Alpha the Majestic. In spite of everything, here is, brilliant as ever, better than yesterday,invisible yet tangibly so present, in all these tenants and spreading like a wild-fire!”

“I know!” Spoke the mistress. “I still remember that dream the night before the verdict to assassinate him. It was bound to be an effort in futility. Dreams had deceived me a lot before but this particular one stood out as very different.He is authentic…everything he claimed to be.”

“I remember the spokesman at the gate that night, he denied any link with him and even began cursing! Look at him now. He’s undergone complete turnaround. His conviction is no longer a personal matter. I almost can’t believe it’s him! The VIP gently placed her hand on the young girl’s shoulder and nodded in deep apprehension.

The spokesman was on his heyday on the threshold as he began his address to the phenomenal crowd gathered before him and the rest of the tenants,the command in his voice electrifying.

“I remember it so clearly. It began like a most lowly joke. No one thought it would amount to anything meaningful. And from a logical point of view it made lots of sense.  We were just this bunch of seemingly mismatched characters pulling in as many directions as was the number of us. We nonetheless enjoyed hanging out together. He was the only one different from us. As it turns out he clearly knew the end from the beginning.

“We stood not a chance far as accomplishing the task he was so passionately driving forth was concerned. We were underdogs, some shrunken hopeless membranes in an acutely hypertonic environment viciously opposed to our course. At the best we would barely make it to the curtain raiser level. To be in the super league was a dream existing somewhere in the next two lives!

“Day from day we walked with him. Something inside of us was gradually changing. Our eyes were being enlightened in identity. By and by it became increasingly clear all was not lost. There was something about walking with him, something unexplainable, something so spurring and real. Made the difference. All that mattered. At some point it felt like we were breaking even with the hostile environment.

“What you see here today is the culmination of it all and the common invitation for the Nations. This is what happens when a molecule becomes hypotonic. It is the sound of burst riverbanks overflowing with life and nourishment to the desert places and every thirsting heart.

“It’s the sound of super jets gliding down the super runway in the super air force base, loaded with magnesium super balls to light up the seven continents in the multitudes of their flags with the message of  The First World Fraternity, precisely determined before all things and held together by Alpha the Majestic.

“It’s the sight of one breathlessly marinated in a love so pure, gentle and awesome. Personal in touch and patient yet incomparably powerful and liberating in motion. We stand at this epicenter, drenched and captured by the universal promise: Destiny extraordinaire. It’s the magic of a complete sol-fa notation, the fine print of a grand orchestra and the excellent real-time execution of a film producer.

“On the one face of the coin, we hear cries of panic .The pursuing armies swallowed at sea, never to resurface, gone with the might of the Nile; Gone without a trace. Alas! Sleek the Intricate and his one-third of vicious disgruntled lieutenants is no more. Yet see how every tint of barrier and pocket of unbelief is equally subdued and won over in irresistible and incomparable love on the reverse.

“This is not just about us,” went on the spokesman. “It’s an invitation for you all and your offspring after you of the molten heart fame.”

©The Blazing Trail 2012

All rights reserved

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  1. … Of another world? Perhaps! All that I am sure of is that it is alluring, seductive and intriguing.

    “Destiny extraordinaire. It’s the magic of a complete sol-fa notation, the fine print of a grand orchestra and the excellent real-time execution of a film producer.”

    I want more! 🙂


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