Curtain Raisers

It was a bright sunny Tuesday afternoon. The sky above the city was clear with aeroplanes navigating their courses to and fro. The populace was pulsating with great anticipation in readiness for the highly publicized show. Right at the heart of the city, at International Studios, the host was working on the final touches ahead of his momentous assignment.

 A visibly ecstatic Joe the seeker paced up and about the set, as the minutes ticked off, savoring every moment of the progression. He paused to adjust his mouth piece for the fiftieth time! He tagged at the collar of his new outfit as a makeup executive stopped to briefly work on his face,before hurriedly placing some soft tissue on his wet palm.

There was an air of distinction within the magnificent gigantic facility as the significance of the broadcast to be underway shortly heavily descended upon all present. It was a beehive of activity as the crew worked on the fine points. A state of the art display was the mood of the house. Nothing had been left for chance. Security had been beefed up ahead of the mother of all broadcasts. The two chief guests and their highly decorated entourage would be arriving any moment now.

At exactly 3:45 PM, the elaborate motorcade snaked its way towards International Studios in a spectacular fashion. In all, there were thirty celebrities led by Josh who gallantly flashed a salute as he disembarked from his armored vehicle. Their modest demeanor spoke of great depth, their stout seasoned frames an embodiment of veiled potency. Shutters clicked endlessly in song with the frenzied battery of journalists desperately fighting for a clear shot as the guests were ushered into the premises amid tight security.
Josh and Eleazar made their way to the set as the rest took their positions in the gallery. Joe the seeker was beside himself with awe as he steered the discussion on.

“Let’s talk about your conquests generals. It’s reminiscent to fairy tales! Was it real? Were your abilities inborn or learned?”

Eleazar gave a broad smile. “First of all, I’ve got to point out it was real-time, as real can be!” He spoke in a gentle confident tone.

“From the moment the harp player came into our lives, things changed. They were bound to! There was something inside of him, something driving him, something alive and powerful. We were all trying to figure it out at first. Then by and by our eyes were able to see! It was beyond us all. It was able to bring us together in our diverse backgrounds and unite us in one cause. The rest is history!”
“How difficult was the journey towards this unity?”

“It wasn’t easy,” Eleazar continued. “We were very different people at first; seeking individualistic prominence. But then the harp player’s charm subdued us. We learned humility. We found something to live for. As one. Something to die for. We saw life beyond us, far beyond our imaginations, abilities and ambitions; meaning and purpose redefined. We got lost to ourselves as the harp player’s charm found its way into our hearts in increasing measure but were found in a whole new world that so heavily consumed us with realities that previously had been characteristic only to folk tales. It was a daily walk. Ultimately we were different people.”

“Josh,” Joe the seeker hesitated. “Eight hundred soldiers at a go! All by yourself, armed with only a spear! Surely I’m missing something here! Was it in broad day light or did you take them by surprise at night?!”

The two generals laughed heartily for a moment. “Day light Joe, in broad day light. I did not know this at first but progressively I learned that in those moments I was armed with more than a spear. There was One in me greater than any size of opposition. And so I made an intentional decision to know Him more every single day. At the moment of engagement, it was like standing on a pedestrian crossing. I knew I had right of way no matter what the outside reality was. I stood my ground; stood my ground because that was the one defining test I had to pass. The One doing the actual battle was within me.”

“Were you afraid when you grew tired in battle with your hand freezing round the sword Eleazar?”

Our battles were always on God’s leading. We were on His cause. That was our confidence and safety. We were dead men with nothing to lose. We learned a very important lesson through it all: to claim and take God’s promises by violence from an unrelenting enemy who stood opposed to the same. From a human point of view, the threats were always real. We had to deal with our inner limitations because God’s word was not always matched with compliance by external factors.”

“What was your most memorable conquest?”

“The very showdown against the Philistines! That afternoon, the whole army fled and I was all by myself. The Lord registered a great victory.  The army reverted not long afterwards. I still remember their words.”

“Anything left for us general?” Interjected Josh in a serious tone.

“Just bodies!”Eleazar responded before the trio burst out in laughter.

“Last man standing!” Added Joe humorously.

“What was the most challenging task working with the harp player?”

“He prayed too much!” The two generals chorused, filling the room with more laughter. “He prayed about very small things”, continued Josh. “As we became veterans, sometimes we just wanted him to leave us alone on the rampage, but he was a very different man this magnanimous harp player. He had to be right not just about the battle but on the motive as well. We learned the value of righteousness in effectively pushing darkness back. His success was not without a price. The engine of righteousness coupled with brokenness which he instilled in us over time was invaluable to our phenomenal conquests.”

“Do you have a parting shot Josh?”

“It seems to me we were but a shadow of what was to come. Our achievements seem by far dwarfed by the wow possibilities in this generation. We were just curtain raisers for the real event. You now have a universal army as opposed to the thirty of us back then. What’s more! The mystery behind our splendor, hidden from our eyes then is now plain for all. He is before all things. Nothing will be impossible for you if only you realize, seize and deploy the power and resources within your disposal. Make every one of them count. The world is waiting, destiny is beckoning, eternity is watching and the clock is ticking.”

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