The Giants of Canaan

The ten grass hoppers and the peculiar duet finally crossed the border back to camp. The atmosphere was filled with deep apprehension as they joined the rest in a moment that would decisively go down in history as pivotal not only for them but for subsequent generations and the Nation in its entirety. The old and young, both great and small, near and far would recurrently hear of it in wonder!

News about their return quickly spread through the camp. The Nation swirled with heightened anticipation as the twelve walked in amid cheers of applause for a mission accomplished. After being away for over a month, everyone was elated to see them all stream back safely. They brought with them various samples detailing their findings.

It had been a grueling forty day reconnaissance that had elicited some marked perpetual impressions upon each one of them. Their perceptions had been thoroughly reshaped. Though in one premise at the time of their departure, they were returning as different people at heart. Moses their leader read it all on their faces as they approached and with mixed emotion awaited what would unfold.

A great upheaval spread through the camp as the report seeped through. In retrospect, the mission had been both insightful and successful. This land of promise was bubbling with rich and unlimited potentials. That was the closest though, according to the report, they would ever come to possessing it for it was uninhabitable because of its fearsome inhabitants!

“It’s a mismatch! Inconceivable!” The leaders reported, visibly shaken. “We don’t have the slightest chance of setting the toes of our feet in! We will be devoured long before we’ve begun processing the idea alone! It was such a devastating scene! The inhabitants are humongous, horrid warriors. Men of renown whose gruesome prowess in battle is unmatched hitherto.

“A pair of their infants can wipe out a whole battalion! We saw them with our own eyes and crossed our fingers with abated breath, fervently praying they would not get wind of our mission! Their faces flashed with extraordinary ferociousness, their blood thirsty eyes like burning coals. The sound of their weathered feet as they walked past our intimidated crouching figures with overbearing gusto was reminiscent of the rumble of the skies. This is all such a bad idea, whoever came up with it! We have to flee while we still can!”

The camp melted in great despair upon receiving the report. The peculiar duo stepped in and bravely tried to quell the crisis, urging all to take God at His word on the matter.

“There is no way He would have brought us this far only to humiliate us before our enemies. Be strong because if He is on our side we will inherit the promise if we do not lose heart just when we need it most. We should not give up now, nor let circumstances dictate our course. What giant, monster or strong man will contend with Him? Ever since the day we left Egypt, we have been on His ordained course: The blazing trail! He is before us, before this momentous hour as has been every glorious step of the way since. We can do it! Because He says so! Let’s move in and take them down! All of them!”

There was pandemonium as the bravados found themselves glaring at the full wrath of the people. The panic was escalating to monstrous dimensions in a wave that threatened to swallow them alive. The mob was looking for stones to get rid of them. Cries of distress and wailing could be heard from miles afar. Emotions were at fever pitch as the crowd boldly longed for the good old days in slavery! Moses and his assistant watched in utter disbelief. They fell face down to the ground in intercession. Then suddenly, the most astonishing thing happened! Word went out that an exercise to choose a new leader to steer the Nation back to Egypt was underway!!!

“Lord Jesus, I have not always been at my best when you called upon me to rise to the occasion. Far be it from me I should miss out on my eternal treasures because I defocused from you and reverted to mediocrity when I should have been more vigilant. Far be it from me the eternal destiny of others should slide to oblivion on my account. Far be it from me it would be said of me: ‘He almost made it!’ The stakes are high Lord, please help my unbelief. Make my 2012 and always peculiar to your heartbeat. All I need is just one touch, one small all defining touch, then the screen savers of my limitations will vanish. And I shall behold your majesty as you really are, for you are before all things and in you all things hold together. Amen.

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3 thoughts on “The Giants of Canaan

  1. I appreciate your effort to understand that particular story. To this day, we remember the day, each year… and mourn the lack of faith that was there. May your faith be inspiration for you, to find the holiness and purity, and the rich fruit of god’s gracious glory.


      1. I must add, it is an awesome experience reading that encounter from a book. To hear someone reflect from a tangible heartfelt perspective the way you did is such a joyous experience beyond description.I’m inspired.Thank you for making it so real!


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