Reflective marvels marked every face present before spectacle central

Enclave exclusively restricted

From where the action relayed dramatically to echelons in their diversity

Elated bleats and moos rent the air in harmonious chorus echoing exuberantly among curious universal fauna

Staring pensively toward sparkling glimmer at far horizon

Magnificent splendor dawning ever after

Heightened gloriously

From the manger’s chorus


Love overflowed the air amid joyful beats ensuing

Shepherd’s rod raised in signature salute

Heaven embraced the earth in spectacular life-giving kiss eternal

It was the song of love magnanimously painted

Heartwarming tale of hope infinitely anchored before time

Creative sphere burst out in unprecedented multiplicity of  applause expressive

Spurred by the manger’s chorus nourish

Reverberating in awesome wonder unforgettable


©The Blazing Trail 2016

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