I see him

Divine beckon manifest

Beyond barrier

Limitation and obstacle

Embedded within finite horizon

Glorious majesty

At the center of magnificent wonder


Opportunity flow endless

Painted within surface of the flip

The promise

Where I could be

I see him

When I dream


I feel him

Deep within heart’s core

Setting entire being free

Revitalizing to the cell

Like sound of many waters

Sweeping over fragile soul


Echoes supernatural domain

Immortality’s dawn

Where I could be

I feel him

When I dream




Way further

Decisively past self’s stronghold

Deep in the still of the night

Where all control ceases

All faculty yields in meek surrender

When his reign roves supreme


I hear him


Before all things

In him

All things hold together


©The Blazing Trail 2015

6 thoughts on “WHEN I DREAM

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  1. isn’t it wonderful to feel his presence? God led me to your blog today and I look forward to reading more, God bless!


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