Captivity reels with effect at the sound of freedom

Joy exuberant greets the air in glorious resounding echo

There are rays of hope glowing with eternal radiance

Giving sight liberating to the eye

Soul soars buoyantly like a kite in unrestrained eventful flight

No care holds back in aftermath ever after

In the face of  decisive intervention

By the chain breaker


With blazing eyes he stares with unmatched attention to detail

Wondrous exploits to perform to the latter

Consuming glare cuts through bronze bars in effortless glide

Melting down barrier and obstacle within twinkling of the eye

Sound of praise accompanies in themed melodious track uplifting

Suddenly life springs gush forth from dry and weary lands

Welling up ceaselessly with nourishing gusto unprecedented

There are resourceful pathways amid deemed impossibilities

Chain breaker stars unparalleled in wisdom and fashion

Just as designed before all things

In Him

All things hold together


© The Blazing Trail 2016

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