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18/06/2018 — Leave a comment

cheering forward in motion progressive

Divine breath of life flows along hope’s infinite domain

Joy abounds in revitalizing effect overflowing within eventful midst

Weight and burden gracefully lifted in intricate aesthetic fashion beaming live

©The Blazing Trail 2018

Like laser beams studiously combing the breadth and length of the planet

They search deep within the pulse and conscience of the docile mortal network underneath

Brilliantly shining hope from lofty divine echelons way above

Earnestly seeking luminaries  to bequeath their coveted essence in destiny chart

The world awaits what could be in greatness magnificently unveiled

Extraordinary set above the ordinary beyond limits conventionally cast by the skies

Courage rises bouyantly beyond the price tag snare in resounding moral triumph

Unprecedented milestones attained in dream come true for mankind

Myriad of possibility lines up in expectant offing

When the light of dawn glimmers tomorrow

©The Blazing Trail 2017



27/06/2016 — 1 Comment

Captivity reels with effect at the sound of freedom

Joy exuberant greets the air in glorious resounding echo

There are rays of hope glowing with eternal radiance

Giving sight liberating to the eye

Soul soars buoyantly like a kite in unrestrained eventful flight

No care holds back in aftermath ever after

In the face of  decisive intervention

By the chain breaker


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Like the sound of a water fall




Cascading awesome display

Inspiring mouths agape

Slow motion precision


In high-definition detail

Iris glitters in involuntarily blink

And spin

Magnetic beckon to realms utopian

No gravity stifles

As bliss abundant

Drenches heart of the soul

Steady divine seep

Life comes alive

When praises start


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The Moment

13/12/2011 — 10 Comments

The city lights shone at a distance filling the skyline with such great magnificence. The silhouettes of the couple riding through the plains were gradually growing distinct. It had been quiet between them for sometime now. She pensively gazed at the lights and suddenly felt a flicker of thrill run through her.  Any time now! She thought to herself as she felt so effortlessly pulled into the epicenter of the unfolding picture. Destiny! She knew it was coming. Continue Reading…