It trumpets aloud

Chords blaring in reverberation

F-Minor amplified in tone and reach

Bringing all business to a standstill

All motion but progress at the very best


Ensuing commotion spirals

Threatening to momentarily swallow the seven seas

Wonder filled


Of a mosquito silhouette


Paws monumental shake the earth on impact

There is no breathing room

Rattles and shivers take full charge

Mushrooming image

Enveloping every ounce of space

Stranger than fiction

As real as mirage

Yet tangible as reality


Mosquito silhouette


The absolute face off in action kinetic

Fear and Faith

Scrabble for the human heart

Grand prize coveted

Hosting dual doorways

To lingering questions


Answers in the offing

F-Major in tandem


Of the mosquito silhouette




©The Blazing Trail 2015

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