After travail

Beyond the groans

And intricacies of the course

Grueling and intense

Tears of joy water the tumultuous ground

Hearty laughter lighting up glorious ambiance



Witness and spectator numerous

There is no further work

At that point

That defining moment

The prize


Body faculties restore in anticipation

Normalcy returning in gradual fashion

Stretch that was

Joyously and decisively behind

Sigh of relief accompanies in loyal partnership

Taste of discipline explored to the latter

Beyond limits

Ahead of

The prize


For the winner’s taking

Triumph only domain

Motivation for each lane

Of glorious course

Electrifying in effect

For all sailing through

Forward ever

Up daunting terrains

Down treacherous territories

Round breathtaking bends

Across trying pains

Jackpot beckoning

Through it all

Onward inviting





Romp and pomp


The prize


© The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

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