After travail

Beyond the groans

And intricacies of the course

Grueling and intense

Tears of joy water the tumultuous ground

Hearty laughter lighting up glorious ambiance



Witness and spectator numerous

There is no further work

At that point

That defining moment

The prize


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Some things just never change! It’s probably a proverb worthy of reflection that old habits die hard. From a layman’s point of view to the rocket scientist’s interpretation, some element of undisputed truth dwells in there. There exists a silent line in the broad scheme of things. A defining boundary beyond which self subtly and definitively translates to divine, almost with a tone of finality…fatally so. In tension filled successive sweeping waves characteristic of the self destruct, moments tick by. As sure as the sunset, it is only a matter of time! Always. Continue reading “CRY OF THE HUNTED”

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