Eyes fixated in gaze
Another time zone
With no beginning
Nor end
Laws of nature submit
Awe reloaded
Logic emphatically defied
Phenomena taking shape
Where it’s all headed
Back to the roots
Culmination in romp and pomp
Where it all began
Happy landings
No care in the world
Another time zone

Universe wobbles in sustained spin
Powers within in comprehensive tow
Profound bid to comprehend
World unseen
Where all the action is
Time holds still
Pleasures ever more
Another time zone
As the details scroll by the day
Elaborate fashion in play
Forensics assemble for the day
Intricate detail displayed
For the Grand finale
Behind the veil
Another time zone
Where it’s all shaping up
Culmination of all times
In another time zone
Where it’s all headed
When it’s been said
And done
To the sixth sense
For he is before all things
In him

All things hold together
© The Blazing Trail 2014
All Rights Reserved

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