Mesmerized in a maze eventful
Magnificent ambiance
Long and winding
Embraced within a blazing trail
The Blazing Trail
Forward ever
I long for the moment
That moment
When I grow up

Seasons have come and gone
Yet it feels like
Plot thickens by the day
As deep-sea way beyond
Darkens in grey by the stride
I sometimes reflect in wonder
Whether progress has accompanied motion
In the quest for answers
Wish I could just grow up
Then suddenly
My dream would come true
Facts seem to overpower
Real substance behind answers
Shadow over image
I desperately reach out in longing
To come to grips with the latter
The heartbeat
Of the heartbeat
Your guess is as good as mine
Pass word
When I grow up
That all defining moment
When there are no further answers to be sought after
When all mist has dissolved
And mystery smiles radiantly in revelation
No more game plays
Hard to get
When sixth sense caps the five in recognition
Smiling knowingly
And humanity can dance to the tune
That tune
Dream come true
When source lies bare
The Source
And the trail culminates its blazing course
When I grow up
If I grow up
© The Blazing Trail 2014
All Rights Reserved

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