That’s the way it is with trouble

Sometimes It just comes knocking

Collateral damage

Sometimes it diligently courts

Then it’s true

Some trouble is more troublesome than some

I had never dreamt of a lifetime as a swimmer

And definitely not in the dominion of mermaids

Mermaids of the deep

And wheels

It all began with one wrong decision

That early morning

On the fateful day unforgettable

Of the famous

Now infamous operation

Marine Gale


Sealed fate is just that


For he is before all things

We were on the road

Top priority in scale

Lightening speed motion progression

Not that it was necessary

But then as fate would have it

Old habits die hard

We were hot


In pursuit


When morning came

There it was

Displayed before our bewildered eyes


Technology unprecedented


First wonder of the world



But how had they done it


And how could we simply let go of this glorious opportunity

In broad daylight

Sight beheld was enough to instantly suck dry

Every trace of breath in us

We needed to make a decision

Better still seal our fate

And pronto

There was only one option on the table



The Blazing Trail beckoned

So vividly it was burning our eyes

Invite glowing with magnificence overflowing

Why did it feel like the sound of good-bye


We beheld spectacle

Much reverence and awe in inner saturate

In a moment

One fleeting glance

We were past point of no return


In pursuit



In pursuit

Of a peculiar people


 By a live eternal wave

Hemmed in the Trail

As they steadily crossed over to safety


In universal stride

Oblivious of our presence ominous

Closing in rapidly from the rear

That was

Just before it all took a drastic turn

And trouble closed in


In troublesome fashion

As the walls came thundering in on us in decisive seal

It was to a long life

Among mermaids of the deep

And wheels

Of chariots


©The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

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