No color of words could attempt to describe the mood of the ecstatic multitude of spectators as the fired up athletes came round the last curve on the home stretch, in a showdown too close to call. The multi-national flags waved excitedly across the well-lit evening sky as the seconds rapidly ticked away. Animated fans jumped and shouted with pomp, their seats behind them as the commentators threatened to burst the membranes of their microphones. Camera shutters were on a sustained trigger happy mode all across the magnificent sports complex, the fourth estate on a hey day as the sportsmen blazed for the finish line in a spectacular fashion. Awe inspiring tenacity underlined every fiber of their muscle, in a mind-boggling display of time redemption, their eyes transfixed on the score board in an event followed live across the seven continents.

Security at the VIP section was on a high as captivated Heads of State, Government representatives, Religious leaders, Legends and other Luminaries from all walks of life followed the proceedings with intense curiosity from the central region of the world-shaped sports arena.

Focus was beginning to shift to the four athletes; from the North, East, West and South widely tipped as favorites for the race as they resiliently locked horns in the final 50 meters; a breathtaking spurt on what was already promising to register as a historic event.

It seemed headed for a 1-2-3-4 camera finish when the defending champion appeared to pull a stride ahead, his closest contender in his debut finale following suit almost simultaneously. In the last 15 meters it became clear a winner would be decided from the two. It was neck to neck, headed for a most dramatic end. What a night! There was no let up as the duet seemed firmly enveloped in a live potent wave. Everything narrowed to an eccentric slow motion. Every sense numbed. The crowd went on a momentary death silence with abated breath as the pair thrust across the finish line. The following rapturous burst of applause a moment later tore through the breezy evening atmosphere as the undisputed new world champion theatrically made his way to the annals of history, a new world record to his name. It was an astounding spectacle, reminiscent of the Hand of God. The ensuing frenzy threatened to tear apart the giant 200,000 full capacity stadia in a thunderous surge.


“Daily Nation, Daily Journal, Daily Summary, Daily Muses, Daily Express, Daily News, Daily here and there!” Joe the Seeker was mesmerized by the elaborate array of “Daily” Literature on display in the expansive library facility as he made his weekly rounds along the shelves. There was something in the air this morning. A spice that punctuated every conversation at home, in traffic, office, telephone call and restaurant as the world beheld her new champion. A thrill of adrenalin rush consumed him as he fumbled across the pages filled with stunning images, reviews and commentaries of the night that was. He bent to pick his library pass that had fallen to the ground as he attempted to read four articles simultaneously, undecided on which ones to take to the reading room! These are the days he missed his literature instructor who had always presented such a marvel for him in her unmatched ability to narrow to the gist of the matter. He let out a light chuckle at the memory of his phenomenal goofs in summary writing. Once he had given a whole half an hour presentation of a summarized written piece scheduled for three minutes! His eye caught something on the shelf below as he hurriedly came back up to his Daily Assortment:

“The Daily Mystery”

Reflections of The Architect, from echelons of Ararat…

“Recipes! They come with varying ingredients. All the time. A long and winding road, that’s the sole ingredient for some. I lived it!” Read the part of the introduction.

 “The end is not always visible, never in its entirety.And along the way it becomes counterproductive wearing self with intricacies of the end. For even when it’s visible, the how to the end offers an elusive ever-present friendship! It brings a huge relief knowing you launched on a sound note from the beginning. A sound note. For in the twists and turns of the terrain, this becomes the ultimate lifeline, coupled of course with a sound attention to detail, every resulting step of the way. The end of the matter thus becomes more prominent than its beginning.Before I knew it, and to my surprise I was an accomplished architect, the evidence engraved in the resulting picture from bits and pieces gathered and assembled along the way. Disjointed and unappealing as the bits had unfolded in the long haul, the dots were finally joining together, a breathtaking picture coming alive. I began to see why the existence of a greater reality had to be so true, the grand picture who held every bit and piece together. Equally true is the fact that this big picture precedes the visible eventual replica! I lived it.

Joe paused for a moment to swallow his pill; he was getting accustomed to the routine.

“You had better keep up the daily discipline or this will graduate to another wild goose chase!” Had been his Doctor’s parting shot.

“It’s a new world record man! I need a replay of that!” Exclaimed a voice from outside the reading room as a youthful lot strolled along the corridor. Joe struggled to refocus on the journal in his hands,resisting the temptation of joining the enthralled youth.

“The twelve decades were a test of death! Death because only a dead person could be that daring. The spark of the sound beginning became my lone reference point and driving force. All that was alive in me. Coupled of course with the diligent attention to the evolving Daily detail. Numerous shooting stars rose and vanished and so did many seemingly dense clouds that eventually bore no dew. The game will always consist of the genuine and counterfeits. As opponents. The test of time makes a big difference.I began to notice a distinct difference thus between the Big Picture and the big picture, the latter in plural, the former bearing the genuine seal of approval.They both have sources interestingly.One is sovereign. Contrasting principles govern the running of the two in a fast evolving day-to-day life. Contrasting as the keys of the piano ! The only difference between us and them was our tedious monotonous Daily routine. By and by, it became clear I was riding on a schedule, as opposed to running one! Right there lay the huge difference between the two worlds. Of all the insights I had encountered, this was a huge eye opener. I lived it!

“On several occasions our equipment broke down, stalling the project from time to time. There were doctor appointments, weather and family realities to deal with along the way. In a hostile environment as ours, loneliness was always close by and besides, fatigue was constantly weighing heavily on us. A liberating factor for my team and I however was the freedom of knowing we were flowing on schedule; the all defining  schedule of one before all things; in whom all things hold together; patiently, thankfully, faithfully placing each bit of the big picture in place with attention to detail! A day at a time. Daily! We lived it.

“When all is said and done, the day of reckoning dawns. A day when every fear, pain, doubt and tear fades away in the shadow of fulfillment. When everyone on course has sky as the limit on D-day, with new possibilities at every one’s disposal in equal measure in the stadia of life. It is the day the saying ‘time and chance happen to all’ is proven right as the vital discipline of Daily is staged for the all decisive  test. The difference between the adherents and the opponents open for all to see. As my family and I finally touched down at Ararat in the company of our domestic pets in their numerous species, I looked back with nostalgia at the universal timeless truths.”

©The Blazing Trail 2012-All rights reserved

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    1. Thanks for the award. I already have received this one.I must say though i’m much honored to receiving it from you.I’m looking forward to reading many of your wonderful posts. Best wishes for the week!


  1. Mesmerizing and enthralling. A most compelling perspective of Divine Design and attention to detail. Definitely something for me to reflect on and consider. Thank you.


  2. This is great writing. I love the way you started, I could see a picture frozen in time, just moments before the winner hit the finish line form in my mind as I read it. Everything about this piece stands out! ( plz forgive my typos , my phone is acting up)


    1. Thanks for stopping by.I think it was you right there at the crossing line Parul! Remember you are victorious. You are doing a great job. Best wishes for the week!


  3. I am more than thrilled that you chose to peek in my window today. What an opening! I was there…in the crowd…could feel it and hear it and see it! And then…The Daily Mysteries. I must read more, I simply must! Thanks so much for giving me a new path to follow…so looking forward to it.


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