I had always been fascinated by the mystique behind shades! Ten, hundred, maybe a thousand words but really just repetitions depicting the very same substance…

Area restricted, Dead end, Monopoly zone, Road closed, Authorized persons only, Confidential, Access denied, High security area, Members only, Out of jurisdiction,Stop! These were the day today synonyms characterizing my surroundings, especially when it came to relating with The Blazing Trail.

The writing was constantly on the wall. Direct access restricted to members only. Our place was somewhere in the periphery. We were close but not quite. There was always the zone out there where it was all happening.From where all breaking news action emerged, setting pace for the rest. It was an area of great restriction. With resigned admiration we were always eagerly awaiting as it unfolded from the source, to the exclusive first world club before trickling down to us. I was the Lieutenant!

There are routines in life and as such could be wearisome. They keep going and going, becoming amazingly predictable, endlessly dragging on in monotony. The General was an interesting case study of commitment, resilience and consistency though.He weathered it all till the day it happened!

So it’s really true; the revelation advances in a Blazing Trail from lower to higher; updating from the known to unknown, with virtue playing the defining transition between the two and an intense single-minded seeking thirst the engine on which it runs.And so there are ordinary days and extraordinary days! Time tells the difference.

I never really knew what kept him going. His focus knew no barriers. I figure a great element of renewed expectancy within him made his sense of routine such a contrast from routine-devoid. So it’s true once again; there is such a place of engagement as deep calling out to deep…from where nothing is the same again. I was a first hand witness, at the General’s service.

It was just another afternoon. Quite naturally I knew what to expect for the next hour. The hospitality staff was engaged in their mundane,preparing 4 o’clock refreshments. Everything running on autopilot.

The sudden summons to the General’s study came as a great surprise. I hurried in the company of two aides to find my highly decorated master vigorously rubbing his eyes, staring at the blank wall,his knees still on the ground where I had anticipated them to be for the next thirty minutes or so, his face a distinct hue of shock and disbelief.

We were transfixed as we listened to the most incredible account of our lives. It was the captivating tale of a galactic visitation just moments earlier. What I found most amazing was the fact it was real-time. Suddenly it hit me like a thunderbolt I was right at the centre of Breaking News…firsthand!

I felt my fiction buds whet in momentary rampage. So much was not adding up. As second-hand lot, we had of course consumed enough of such accounts to deny the reality of their existence. That was a restricted “Members Only” privilege though. Ours could not be firsthand!

I wondered if it was a stray occurrence, one the highly famed celestial order was probably by then preparing to broadcast an apology in regard. That was highly unlikely for a watertight order as such and I knew my superior too well to recognize when he had stepped on a live wire!

As we were to learn, the story had just begun. Moments later, the three of us were en route on the General’s mission armed with coordinates for a seaside site apparently given to him during the extraordinary visit. It was a strikingly similar occasion of routine within the walls of our first world destination as we narrowed in close to twenty-four hours later.

As we would learn, the celestial order had struck again during another routine act right at the nick of time as we were arriving, giving prominence to our unexpected arrival. Our host came down to meet us, introducing himself as “the one we were seeking!”He was the Spokesman!

It was then we realized to our amazement he had been expecting us, as unannounced as our mission and arrival was. I saw it all so clearly now, the script as was unfolding; echoes of my favorite sonnet: “He is before all things and in him all things hold together!”

Our presence generated measured curiosity within the neighborhood that evening, as our host treated us to a game of monopoly. A small entourage accompanied him as he joined us for the third phase of the sensational live drama. We were headed back to base at the General’s residence. A large crowd consisting of family and friends were expecting us. The General went on his knees before the Spokes-man…just like a second world native! The guest was however swift to correct the situation distancing himself from being the centre of focus.

All eyes were on the General and the Spokesman. Right then, an interesting perspective began to emerge. None of the two had a monopoly of the full picture. There was a real-time invisible presence running this show. It seemed to me they each only had bits and pieces of the big picture.

The one holding the script was beyond them all, every piece unfolding right on schedule and by design. He was the invisible centre of glory, the one holding the duo and the rest of us together; the essence of this historical moment. Alpha the Majestic was present in the house! From a most unlikely location, News was at the verge of breaking!

The deeply reflective Spokesman was at a loss reconciling his initial notion of monopoly for the cause with the unfolding scenario. What he could have sworn only hours ago was exclusively a gift for the first world was evidently,surprisingly and authentically manifesting in what had until then been branded second world.

He humbly recanted his prejudice as the loving hand of Alpha rested upon him, convicting him of his myopia as a trusted luminary for the cause. He acknowledged Alpha’s mission and passion to birth the ultimate first world order, with a diverse background citizenry holding together in the same heart beat.

Every single-minded thirsty seeker was a candidate for this glorious first world reality, no matter where they had been or how soiled their background had been. From the North to the South; East to the West, Alpha’s invitation for partnership in the Breaking News phenomena that would jolt the ordinary in a bid to firmly plant his cause was indiscriminate; the peasant and General alike, in their diverse disciplines and shades.

One could feel the dense build up of the pregnant cloud in the room. Then suddenly rain began to pour, the impact resonating loud and clear as a seal of approval, for all to see; for all to hear. In a brilliant public statement, the gallant Alpha had descended with his full splendor and majesty.

As the two worlds jelled together, there was no doubt left in the mind of everyone present, the deterrent walls of biases were crumbling down. The all present Alpha the Majestic was raising and leading his universal first world to victory. After all, he owns the sea,with the diversity of its species and activity!

©The Blazing Trail 2012

All rights reserved


  1. Very intresting read! Your style is gripping: I could not leave the post even though I did not understand it all. I will be back. Thanks


  2. I love your writing and the messages within. I am going to need to catch up…transfixed.


    1. “…and i will be here!” Thanks for visiting.The sight of the tree stump taking a swim and the dark mountain summit with the cloud cap is wonderful.See you around!


      1. Thanks! I like the moody shots too. I’ll have more shots of the stumps in the lake. A town was built there near 1900 and was flooded accidently when a dam was built. All that’s left is tons of stumps after they cut all the trees. When the water gets low it’s surreal. Late summer will reveal the ghosts.


          1. Thanks, and thanks for returning to my blog. I will watch for the water level to fall, but it will be a few months. Knowing you are looking for the photos will motivate me to keep an eye out for when the submerged town surfaces.


  3. This definitely had my imagination going. From the mundane to the extraordinary that’s in life. At least that is what I got. 🙂 Your a great writer.


      1. Thank you too for your visit. I want to learn how to write more creatively. Right now I’m just purging and hopefully creativity will come. 😉


  4. Hi,
    An interesting read.
    I am intrigued about the two worlds, is the second world a parallel universe or an inner world?


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