It sweeps

In full three sixty swing

Seeking in earnest

Sentimental heartbeat andante

Smiting in eternal embrace

Glorious echoes

Sweetly seeping through

Drawing heart and soul

Epicenter irresistible


Love wave



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Peculiar signal

How it captivates with intricate detail

Where higher heights are scaled

Upward bound

And a delve to the deeper is standard


Solid rock foundation


There will be fresh discoveries beyond the horizons

Goodbye bid

To inviting familiar planes

The world begins to change

Signs and wonders in Siamese accompaniment

When deep calls out to deep


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That was then! And to date the squeak remains my favorite animal sound! This became both my ultimate dream and favorite song: To live forever young! Life was so easy, its fulfilling joys boundless. The color of day break inspired infinity, the sunset and moonrise a classical of inexpressible awe and beauty. We played hide and seek with the squirrels in the lush foliage of the breezy trees as we watched our kites wave among the eagles with such gaiety, promise and abandon in the magnificence of the evening sky, high above the glorious sunsets of the hilly horizon. We excitedly looked forward to the fascinating bedtime accounts of the legends. Continue reading “Antennas”


Twelve unusual guests bearing one unusual news item! For a moment, this seemed to be the assumed brand of the town that bustled with activity with curious onlookers coming together to gather the emerging details. The last twenty-four hours had not been uneventful for this town since the arrival of the guests from the plains in the wee hours of the morning. Word had it they had received a galactic visitation right in the middle of the night. Apparently, they had a song written that they swore was taught¬†them by the visitors! Continue reading “Chieftain”

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