Continued from last week…

She moved to the window and slightly drew the blinds sideways. She intently stared outside, her face gently pressed against the window pane in hopeful squeeze, as if trying to pick out a needle from the ocean.

The moment seemed to last forever. It was as if time had come to a standstill. The rapid throb of her heartbeat seemed to echo across the room, saturating it with great anticipation. She felt a warm sensation sweep over her heart as she stood there, all care decisively arrested. “But why? Why now?!” She muttered to herself in strong curiosity.

It was full moon under the clear blue evening sky. The stars shone brilliantly, applauding the lights of Jericho that had the great city sparkling with an indomitable luster. All was calm as the early morning hurriedly slid to its wee hours.

Her mind wandered in reflection of the vivid dream she had just had. There was nothing to support the details in reality. That distance between the invisible and visible was a marvel to behold under the circumstances. But then her reality was blurred in the aftermath. To believe or not to believe registered the same emotion.

For a moment it felt like she was staring right into those fiery eyes of the chariot riders. A strong blend of pessimism and optimism flowed in equal generous measure over her entire being. What were the chances the city was pregnant with occasion of such prominent significance? She wondered to herself.

Beaming with anticipation, she gracefully walked over to the couch and took a deep breath as she sat, her arms lovingly crossed over the portrait across her chest. Someone opened and closed a door upstairs. It would soon be morning, she thought to herself, undistracted.

There was no denying there was something in the air that night!

To be Continued…

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