Epitome of the somewhere out up there fame

Like showers of glory flowing from above in overwhelming glow refreshing

Gleefully saturated the atmosphere with awesome wonder at the dead of the eventful night that was

The element of surprise showcased her pinnacle best amid sudden turn of events unfolding in electrifying live stream

Peasant realm came to a momentary standstill in the middle of nowhere

Captured within the defining epicenter

Prominent aura eclipsed in hope-filled  ambiance and herald

Echoes Noel reverberating in her thrilling wake

The first Noel


Infinite invaded mortality in spectacular fashion

Ushering new dawn eternally defining for the age and ages

Enigma royal starred above acoustics harmoniously cascading to uttermost distant horizons

Heartwarming hum overflowing the human heart with smiting love and compassion ever after

Magnificent celestial lights dazzled with stunning brilliance accompanying

Sentimental ballads exhilarating  in unprecedented essence and aesthetic


Of the first Noel


©The Blazing Trail 2016

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