Deep groaning is heard

Turmoil prerequisite

From the four corners of the globe

Worry building to anxiety

Building to fear

There are tense questions

Without answers

Like all is about to be lost

Then suddenly

Watermark of the course roars in hum


And all is still


There are generals

And assemblies arising

In the order of watermark timeless

Within sweet aroma of a yodel

Like gentle balm soothing the human soul

Divine therapy

Wellspring of hope bubbling

Quashing pain and strife effectively

Mystery hidden within name


Like a password


Like the sound of many waters

Echoes of mighty rushing wind


Dry patches ooze with nourish

Lush splendor icing glorious meadow

Life abounds

Even life forever more


Watermark of the course


© The Blazing Trail 2015

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