Just for me

Seeking me

Whole of me

Friend request

That changed me

For the rest of my life


There are incidences

Then coincidences

Accidents exist as well

In this case

A little bit of everything

Making it all so sweet a savor

Out of this world experience


Just for me


In the enthralling name

 Of friendship


Painting my world

Color of love

Like goodies

Steaming from grand gift bag

Refreshing currents sweeping over my soul


Balm delightful to the being entire

There are friendships

Then the friendship

This is about the latter


Of the friend request


That came on target

Activation seal


© The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “THE FRIEND REQUEST

  1. So who was the friend? Are you still friends? Once I could have written the same as I had a friend request like this. Today as you might have seen on my blog- pieces are shattered and my life must regroup somehow. But it’s nice to find someone’s blog that almost mirrors how I thought he felt too. Maybe there’s hope somewhere someday for me still


    1. Your words bring such deep insight, Laura. It’s nice meeting you. Hope is the one underlying current that never runs dry. It knows no elastic limit nor breaking point. You will arise again for sure, for there lives a friend who sticks closer than a brother. In him all pieces of our lives hold together!

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