Apex reminiscing essence

Captured way up where it all climaxes

Glamour sparkling

Awe beyond description

Depth of the deep

Echoed in chords of the accordion

Diaphragm constricting in smooth calculation

Transition in motion

With the lion’s roar in accompaniment

Mane displayed in signature

Cheetah launches airborne


Spirited effort to underline

Cardinal manifestation

As eagle joins in the spectacle


Mighty swoop in lightning flash

Dominion phenomenal

Where the heights reign



Suddenly the Atlantic throbs with sustained activity

As the white shark swerves in coördinate adjustment

Then accelerating in synchrony

To the epicentre

Grand homage to pay

Before scheduled sunset

When pieces of the screen saver fall off

As all things hold together in fuselage

By him

Before all things

 ©The Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “CARDINAL

  1. Thank you for the like on Once Upon a Ballroom. I appreciate the passion that greets us on this blog.

    “Suddenly the Atlantic throbs with sustained activity”
    The suddenly makes it wonderful storytelling. I also like the fuselage.

    What do you think about “sparkles” and “constricts”? I’m thinking it would tighten and strengthen the lines.


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