I know he is before all things and in him all things hold together. When all is said and done, there is such a place as prominence in lowliness. Better still, dawn after absolute dusk. There are times you know it best when you’ve lived it. This was one of those. Let’s just say I was a slave…with a touch of greatness I guess!

I did not have to think of how hopeless my life was, for in my resigned state I was beyond remedy. It’s bad enough to find yourself between granite and a hard place;a heart wrenching nightmare to move from worse to worst. I was bleeding from a stray bullet following a domestic resolution way beyond my control.

One could care less about the term collateral damage. It could as well be reminiscent of elephants drinking wine, until you are the ideal personification of ‘a victim of circumstance’ and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. And so there I was…a slave, with a touch of greatness!

My life played before my eyes in the severe heat of noonday out in the middle of nowhere. The trek was becoming unbearable. How was I to know this would be my sad ending. I had been born as a nobody lived in relegation and now I was just about to cross over to the sphere of no return covered in nothing but disgrace.

The loneliness and pain I felt were overwhelming me. I guess my greatest achievement in life had been reproducing my misery in the form of my young son hunched on my back under the incredible heat, the intense dehydration he was having evidenced by his desperate panting. I was so beaten.

The sense of worthlessness that gripped me threatened to shred me to a heap of shoe laces. I felt my life so fleetingly slide from the mezzanine where I had been all my life to some underground bottomless pit. Like poor El Lute, I had only seen the dark side of life only this time there would be no happy ending! I felt so betrayed by life, heaven and man.

The number of contradictions involved in this harrowing account were numbing. My knees began giving in. I watched helplessly as my son vigorously sipped the last portion. Unquenched, he stared at me expectantly. Our eyes met in a strong searching intensity that ripped my heart apart as his eyelids began to narrow.

I broke uncontrollably as his small feeble hands unsuccessfully attempted to reach out at my face. All my resilience worn out, I felt enveloped in an ominous vacuum. For the first time it hit me with such incredible sense of desperation I was losing my child. After a long fruitless fight I knew I had come to the end of the road.

I gently lowered him under a shrub next to where I stood before retreating a few farewell strides back. I could no longer bear the sight. I felt all strength drained off me in an instant and began sinking to the ground, my face agonizingly covered in tears. My vision was beginning to become blurry. Just then, I thought I heard something! My weakened antennae went on alert mode.

“Oh no!” I muttered to myself, shocked I could barely project as my baby’s cry of distress tore through the air. Almost simultaneously, a heavy rumble rend the air, instantly quieting the child . At first I thought I was hallucinating. I felt a strong wave of energy sweep over my spirit, momentarily catapulting me to my feet.

“What’s going on?” I exclaimed as the reverberation intensified. Dotting the horizon all around my circumference was an assortment of rare artillery rapidly advancing toward us. I wanted to believe I was in a dream. It was all happening too fast and in a captivating fashion. Real time. My mouth was so open in the face of the spectacle my jaws became transfixed!

“Stranger than fiction! Why kill a mosquito with a gun?!” I wondered, unable to comprehend what was happening. As if that were not enough a powerful drone took hold of the airwaves, overriding the initial rumble. Whatever was going was clearly full scale…and simply out of this world.

I quickly looked up the sky just in time to see an aircraft, enormous in size, magnificent beyond description gently navigating for the landing. It filled the entire land with indescribable brilliance. I counted twelve shades of sparkling light wonderfully  radiating from under its belly compounded by uncountable glorious hues. Its sound as it touched the ground was like the sound of rushing waters.

I saw what seemed like a doorway slide open and a silver stairway begin to roll out. The moving artillery halted its advance about a hundred and fifty meters circumference away as one dressed in a long white robe emerged. He had a golden sash around his chest.

The sides of the stair case dazzlingly lit in luminous royal blue with the words “Alpha The Majestic” as he made his way down the stair way. He finally stopped about one meter from me. His face shone brilliantly as the sun, his eyes like a blazing fire. This was truly a moment to behold; a moment in a lifetime.

“Do not be afraid! I come to you from the future!” I experienced such great comfort as he spoke. It was the feeling of riding on a mighty eagle’s wings.

“This dead end marks a super gateway! In this dry place shall flow a stream of all-sufficiency. In your adversity I shall reveal treasures not yet visible. The story begins!”

As I watched him speak, he reminded me of my master’s son! I felt certain everything he told me was true. He said amazing things about my boy. He would be uncountable, great and a patriarch of twelve empires.

Like a chick hatching from inside the shell under the mother’s warmth, so would his offspring’s shell give way in their multitudes, under Alpha the majestic’s warmth along the rest of his kindred. He would be a peculiar nation within the ultimate nation.

As I held my son’s hand that day, I knew I had tasted greatness, for he was immortal, till every little word spoken to me has come to pass. As I joyfully watched him rise above the shrub in a new lease of life, I became alive in overflowing  joy and promise. As we had a drink from the refreshing source totally hidden from our eyes only moments ago, we drank to destiny. I caught a glimpse of the end from the beginning; Alpha the Majestic’s default domain. That’s how I know he is before all things!

And so in the midst of the present state of affairs I know this promise is still on course. For the nation will not really be a nation, till every nation is on-board, excluding none! The answer is out there, somewhere beyond the prejudices and witty deceptions of the designers default of our times. The chosen will walk in its blue print, till every promise is redeemed, and the cause fully established.

©The Blazing Trail 2012

All rights reserved

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  1. You captured my interest with every word, every sentence. I couldn’t stop reading this spell-binding very “in the moment” account. You are very inspirational!


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