Continued from VIII…

As her unusual guests hurriedly slid into the hillside, she heard her dad’s affirming voice once more: “Apple of the Fathers Eye Forever!” She emotionally stared in the dark, lost for word, then waved the twin twigs of flax in her hand at the diminishing silhouettes, almost unaware of it.

How these two had in one day turned her world upside down, permanently altering her life. “To gratitude and to destiny!” Came her involuntary exclamation amid her sustained wave. Her mind seemed to linger in wonder of whether she would ever see the mystery duet again.

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Thank-you for the new day, new dawn and the renewed hope driving

Thank for the clean slate and horizons arising in optimistic invitation

For the showers of blessing gathering in grace filled mercies above 

And for your love unending, guiding affirmingly from victory to victory

Thank-you for the new day now here, unfolding in gloriously forward

Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His Love endures forever – Ps. 118:1


Continued from last week…

And how could she doubt it! This Father, the one who had found her; lowliest of the low. How could it be that he had gallantly waded through the miry clay she was helplessly wallowing in. Mess of her own making. There was no accident, no coincidence, no doubt-absolutely; his eye had resolutely been on her.

He had walked the distance, cost notwithstanding. What a love! Love so beautiful, so resilient and personal. A love that had gone all out, conquering the heights – and the depths, subduing time and silencing all accusation, just to find her.

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Continued from last week…

There was no sight of red roses. Not this time round. Yet it seemed this moment was potent with more than just the norm. The gist of the surprise gift felt more in the discernable presence of a fourth invisible guest whose fragrance filled the room. She could almost touch him!

And what a thrilling development out of nowhere, or did she have it coming for a while! She knew it when a day presented more than met the eye. And all at once her heart was leaving nothing to speculation; This would be a valentines day to remember!

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Continued from last week…

Something about that gentle knock at the door aroused her curiosity almost immediately. A relatively easy day save for the intrigues of Cleo that were captivatingly trending across the city’s pulse. The golden giant bowl of the evening sunset kissed the skyline in a magnificent touchdown inspiring such great awe and wonder.

Talking of Cleo and blockbusters, there was no hearing the end of it. It was always amazing how he seemed to exist in this fast-paced action-packed invisible island. 

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For your goodness and loving kindness, Lord, I will trust and praise you with all my heart, in spite of it all. I will believe and lay hold of your promises for me. I will look to you and lean on your everlasting love, because you God unchanging, with me, and have shown yourself strong and faithful, not once, not twice.

The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness (Jer 31:3).


Continued from last week…

There was no little commotion in the city at the break of dawn. Cleo the local paparazzi was back with a bang, this time causing a major stir outside one of the hotels, a favourite spot for many of the city’s prominent politicians. The hotel security had been forced to intervene to keep him at bay in light of the clientele arriving for early breakfast. The area outside the hotel was awash with newspaper vendors inspired by the early bird pulse. Several political and social pundits swirled the proximity in small groupings conversing in hushed tones over the headlines.

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Continued from last week…

She moved to the window and slightly drew the blinds sideways. She intently stared outside, her face gently pressed against the window pane in hopeful squeeze, as if trying to pick out a needle from the ocean.

The moment seemed to last forever. It was as if time had come to a standstill. The rapid throb of her heartbeat seemed to echo across the room, saturating it with great anticipation. She felt a warm sensation sweep over her heart as she stood there, all care decisively arrested. “But why? Why now?!” She muttered to herself in strong curiosity.

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Continued from last week…

She slowly paced across the room, a glass of water firmly at hand, her eyes pensively staring at the walls. She took a deep breath, shaking her head curiously as she made her way to the living room. Bemused, she switched on the light and for no apparent reason moved straight to the lone portrait sited at the bookshelf at the far-right hand corner of the room. That memorable evening at the dance floor with her dad on her sixteenth birthday was forever etched on her mind. Her heart began to race with emotion as she reminisced.

The memory of this evening had a permanent imprint in her heart of hearts.

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