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Colors array in their diverse shades within spectrum

They oscillate studiously along the rainbow curve

Quest for the fairest of them heightened in multi jostle unparalleled

Sparkles of glorious magnificence arise in wake

Zealous appeal before pensive eye of the beholder

Manifested within backdrop of representative litmus anchoring

Amid mystery of



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Down the hill and up the mountain

Through dense of the highlands to the elaborate expanse of the Savannah

Deep of the waters resonates with echelons uncharted high above

It holds still

Common thread running through them all in their numerous diversity

Undying unifying pulse endlessly beaming

Seeking to secure the earth in ultimate glorious submerge

Resilient resolve distinctly displayed in statement

Because hope

Never dies


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07/09/2015 — 1 Comment

Vivid image glows in radiant close up

Like beauty beheld


Magnificent pixel bounty

Deep inner longing

Here and now

When silence speaks loud and clear

And no need for interpretation motions

Moment of reckoning

When all things turn new

And the dots come joining securely in dance

Perfect order


Happily ever after


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That would transcend boundary multiple

Resilient spurt

Like cords unbreakable

Decisively melting

The disgrace

Of division

Gel of gels


In love


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30/07/2013 — Leave a comment

Overriding recording

In crispness


And Novelty

Mismatch displayed in LCD

Looking back in reflection

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