Archives For praise

Beaming with stunning all-knowing radiance from echelons before time

Resolute wavelength cascades through season and time in buoyant motion overcoming

Test of time premieres in litmus showcase prominently watermarking eventful due process

Multiple emotion welling up in voluminous proportion along the long and winding plot proceeding grand culmination

Last chuckle of the alpha steals the show in magnificent fashion unparalleled

Exclusively calling out virtue from vice in the fullness of time

Divine anthem

Decisively saving the best for last

┬ęThe Blazing Trail 2018


Like the sound of a water fall




Cascading awesome display

Inspiring mouths agape

Slow motion precision


In high-definition detail

Iris glitters in involuntarily blink

And spin

Magnetic beckon to realms utopian

No gravity stifles

As bliss abundant

Drenches heart of the soul

Steady divine seep

Life comes alive

When praises start


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