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There have been highlights

And low moments through the stretch eventful

Dawn is slowly fading in amid glorious sunset descending

Bidding farewell in nostalgic fashion intensely overwhelming

Drum rolls punctuating the last few hours in hope filled crescendo

©The Blazing Trail 2018

The rainbow is sparkling in multiple hues

Stunning burst of creativity unusual

Inspiring awe beyond spectrum limits


Filling the air with wondrous intensity

Color of love redefined in plush rhythm

Stars twinkling for joy in wake

It’s the nostalgia

Cascading down in avalanche

That’s painting it all in beauty memorable

Beyond description

Heart captivated helplessly


Sol-fa notation bursts its banks

Echoes of glory

Anchored round that very first symphony

Childhood memories come suddenly alive

In nostalgic avalanche sentimental

Beautiful glow

That won’t go away ever

Love overflows in the air

Winding through in continental cardinal course

Compelling cause from dawn meager to prominence unprecedented

Peace and hope beheld



© The Blazing Trail 2015

Reminisce nostalgic

A score and two later

Wonder beheld beyond limits prescribed

Such incredible and undisputed reality

Above apex of power and might

It captivates to this very moment

Thrill inspiring speechless aftermath

Strength in weakness

Embedded within

Phenomenal surreal

Of the third galaxy


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